When You Call 9-1-1

Stay on the line

When an E-Comm call-taker answers your call, they will ask you if you need “police,” “fire” or “ambulance.” The call-taker will also confirm which area you are calling from. Once you indicate which service you need, your call will be immediately transferred.

Stay on the line and follow instructions. Your 9-1-1 call-taker will stay on the line with you to make sure your call is answered by the agency you need. Don't hang up until the call-taker says it's OK to do so.

Be prepared to answer questions

Our call-takers are experienced “question askers,” and their persistence is based on a need to provide accurate and specific information to the attending emergency responders.

  • Listen carefully, speak clearly and try to remain calm.

Please understand that while call-takers are asking you questions, they are relaying vital information electronically to the dispatchers and emergency personnel on their way to help you.